Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab

Although your web site is visible throughout the world, 72% of the people viewing it aren't native English speakers and may have a problem communicating with you. 
We know that people prefer to express themselves in their native tongue, that's why we have developed the Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab, an elegant, easy to use tool that is simple to integrate into your site and, which will allows potential customers from around the world to communicate with you - entering their comments, questions and feedback - in their native language. 

The comments that reach you are then instantly translated either through high-quality machine tools or by a professional translator - as you choose into your native tongue.

Allowing your customers to send you their thoughts and questions, in their own language,
will not only make them feel like you are serving their needs, but will encourage them
to stay on your site and empower them to make a purchase.

Don't miss out on potential clients simply because you don't speak their language. Install 
the FREE Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab today and start communicating with ALL of your clients. 

Start using the Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab