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Number of People Speaking:

The estimated number of Spanish speakers is around 500 million. This includes over 400 million who speak Spanish as a first language and almost 100 million fluent and second language speakers.


All forms of Spanish are written to the same standard, but there are differences in the spoken language between Peninsular or European Spanish and Americas Spanish. Each of these has a number of different regional and geographical dialects including Mexican Spanish and Catalan.

Countries Spoken:

Spanish is primarily spoken in Spain and Latin America, however, it is the official language in over twenty two countries including; the Dominican Republic and Cuba. It is also spoken as a minority language in America, the Philippines, Gibraltar, Andorra, and Belize.  

Some Fun Facts about Spanish:

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. It ranks below Chinese which has 1.2 billion speakers and above English with 328 million speakers.

Despite the language’s origins in the Iberian Peninsula which consists of Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar and Portugal, there are more native speakers in colonized areas such as Latin America than the original area in Spain.

The Spanish language is one of the most phonetic languages of the world. If you know the spelling of a word, you are almost certain of being able to pronounce it. The main exceptions to this are more recent words which have a foreign origin, and certain letters which affect pronunciation.

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