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Smartphones and tablets are used much more frequently these days and businesses need to respond to this growing trend. The localization of mobile applications is essential for users to interact and access information in their own language. For companies, it the best way to make their mobile apps stand out from the crowd and widen their customer base. People from all across the globe download iPhone and Android apps every day , but only a small percentage of apps are localized. Mobile applications translation services give companies the necessary competitive edge.

At One Hour Translation, we specialize in mobile applications translation. We help our clients choose the right countries and languages, prepare their app for translation, and have it translated by native speakers that translate only in their native language. Our network of certified translators is well experienced in producing high quality and accurate localized versions of mobile applications. We offer mobile translation services in 73 languages and 2000 language pairs so no foregin market is unreachable

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The moment we sign a contract and receive payment, our translators waste no time working on your documents with speed and accuracy they deserve. Our services are available 24x7 so that you can have your mobile applications translation ready when you need it. Keep track of the status of your project with our online countdown timer that is accurate to the second.
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We offer the most competitive rates for mobile applications translation. Our all-inclusive fixed per-source-word rate provides you with project management and superb customer customer with no hidden costs. We also offer proofreading and editing services by experts at a nominal fee.

Types of Mobile Applications Documents we translate

business applications, gaming applications, financial applications, banking applications, entertainment applications, media applications, software applications, sports applications, news applications, video applications, music applications, utility applications, office applications, education applications, navigation applications, productivity applications, weather applications, social networking applications, books applications, travel applications, health applications, fitness applications, audio applications, food applications, drink applications, cooking applications, lifestyle applications, medical applications, catalogs applications, fashion applications, reference applications, photo applications, email applications, television applications, movie applications, children's applications, applications for kids, family applications, mature applications, puzzle applications, word applications, language applications


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The success of our app depended much on how we could get across to our target audience that speaks different languages. This was a big project where the level of dependency on a mobile application translation service was at its highest. We started out by giving One Hour Translation only a part of the job. Their team was most professional and their level of support in the first stage was exemplary. We did not hesitate one bit to hand over the task for the entire project after the initial success. Thanks to their mobile applications translation services, our app is now in the top lists around the world.

Renaldo C. Dorsey

Languages we translate to

Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and

64 more languages.

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About One Hour Translation

We are a globally trusted translation service committed to providing clients with the highest quality, cost effective mo bile applications translations. Backed by a team of 15,000 certified translators and quality assurance specialists, we are able to provide reliable, accurate, and prompt translation of mobile applications in 73 languages and 2000 language pairs. For each project, we choose translators from our team that have requisite experience in the related application category . As mobile applications translation specialists our services include string translation, icon adaptation, banner ads, e-mail blasts, press releases, and more.

Mobile Application Translation Services

Mobile applications translation is the most effective way to reach out to users, gain exposure, and generate revenue for your app in the Apple of Android stores . It is the best way to improve the user experience for non-English speaking s martphone and tablet users who are always on the move. At One Hour Translation, we will assess you app specifications to ensure that it is geared with features and functions in the targeted language and culture and is ready for localization. Simply provide us with the source files and we will do the rest.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We comply with the highest standards of security , and every translator that works on your project is bound by an NDA. Our security and privacy guidelines are outlined in the terms of service agreement. For further details on our NDA and privacy policy, feel free to contact our legal team.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

One Hour Translation provides a Certificate of Translation Accuracy. It can be presented as proof of accuracy in any United States courts, or other government departments such as immigration authorities, embassies, and related services. The service of a public notary is essential for notarized translations.